We are professional, passionate and dedicated practitioners, fully qualified and highly skilled.


As a knowledgeable and experienced holistic therapist, I am ITEC trained in various therapies. I have worked around Europe delivering outstanding treatments to demanding clients. For four years at my practice in a gym, I helped athletes and sports people to: progress with their fitness in their chosen fields; maintain their wellbeing; enhance their performance. I am able to incorporate many different techniques in the treatments in order to obtain optimal results throughout a session and I am passionate about promoting health and welfare.

Core treatments: Relaxing, Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports, Thai, Reflexology, Pre-natal Pregnancy, Reiki, Manual lymphatic drainage.


I obtained my qualifications in Hungary, where I used to carry out therapeutic and sports treatments in various massage clinics. Since then, I have expanded my knowledge and skills in systematic kinesiology at the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in London. Having a thorough knowledge of human anatomy and musculoskeletal biomechanics, I provide effective and safe treatments. My ten years’ experience in the field of massage has given me an excellent ability to identify problems, restore balance and improve wellbeing. My individual approach allows me to utilise my skills to treat issues accordingly.

Core treatments: Relaxing, Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports, Thai stretching.



As a certified massage therapist, I have gained six years’ experience in London’s best spas and salons. I specialise in combining deep tissue treatment with relaxing, calming movements. My professional training and experience ensure I apply the right amount of pressure to release tension and restore mobility. I am adept at tailoring my work to patients’ needs in order to maximise the benefits of massage and I always ensure my clients receive treatments of the highest standard.

Core treatments: Relaxing, Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports, Manual lymphatic drainage.


Having embarked on my massage adventure many years ago, I never looked back. Massage therapy has proved to be an invaluable ally in maintaining good physical health as well as preserving sanity (both my clients’ and my own).

I am a certified practitioner of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and I hold an IEB Diploma in Reflexology, an ITEC Diploma in Swedish massage and an FHT Diploma in Deep Tissue Massage.

Aligned with the principle of ‘A sound mind in a sound body’, I regularly attend massage and bodywork workshops and have made a firm commitment to a more probiotic way of life.

Over the years, I have developed my own unique style, merging the eastern and western approaches into one. My conscientious touch will leave you elated, relaxed yet energised and connected for days to come.