About Us


With a background in physiotherapy, we provide only top quality clinical treatments. It is experience gained in spas, clinics and therapy centres around the world that distinguishes our practitioners and provides each of them with his or her unique style. Our treatments are for those who expect an individual approach, an outstanding experience and friendly and understanding customer service. Treatments delivered by our professionals fill you with energy, revitalise you and in the case of ailments, bring relief through individually selected therapies.

Our goals are: to provide clients with therapy and relaxation; to restore fitness; to balance the functioning of the body at a physical and spiritual level in everyday life. You can be assured that during each visit, we make every effort to pamper you and to ensure that the treatment meets all your expectations.

Massage has a beneficial effect on the entire human body: from the skin, muscles and ligaments to the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Somatic symptoms of chronic stress, fatigue, neuralgia, contractures and muscle stiffness caused by a sedentary lifestyle, migraine, insomnia, distraction, hypertension and chronic irritability are a scourge of modern times. Our team will work on helping you to eradicate such afflictions and improving your wellbeing. A massage at your home allows you maximum comfort and provides an emotionally-rewarding experience.