“I had the most amazing time with Andrea. We did 6 hours of sessions together overall I believe and we ended up making a pair of tailored pants and top. I’m a complete beginner and Andrea taught me from the basics up. I now feel totally comfortable using a sewing machine, ad cutting and measuring my own size / styles. It was truly a treat spending that time with her. I highly recommend her!”
– Margot, London

“Andrea has been brilliant since the first class! Her enthusiasm for sewing is infectious and she is always full of ideas for a new project. She has helped me improve my sewing with her gentle and positive coaching and now I am taking on projects I never thought possible. She has a fine eye for detail and is also a great problem solver, giving me tips and tricks for how to amend things if I go wrong. Andrea really understands her clients’ individual style and needs and she always goes above and beyond, even picking up little extras like lining and adornments for me to use in my projects. I would highly recommend Andrea!”
– Ailsa, London

“Andrea has been an absolutely wonderful weekly sewing teacher for our 9 year old daughter who is a keen seamstress in the making. Andrea is patient, thoughtful, kind and always brings such a lovely energy to our home. She always has new ideas for projects adapts her teaching style with lots of innovation and flexibility. I cannot recommend Andrea enough.”
– Charlie, London